Libana celebrated their 35th anniversary season in 2015 - what an incredible accomplishment for this trailblazing world music ensemble and intentional creative community! This celebratory season culminated in a major concert in the city where it all began, Cambridge (MA) on November 14th, 2015 at First Parish in Cambridge Unitarian Universalist in Harvard Square. Nearly 500 people--old friends and new fans--joined us in a joyous and memorable tribute to our longtime creative community. . . and the women of the world!    

We have two archival photo galleries so far for you to enjoy, and we are planning to share more archival photos, videos, and music recordings with you in the future. . .but to start, why not immerse yourself in looking at life in Libana--in community, onstage, on retreat, in recording sessions, and on the road nationally and internationally--in this extensive gallery: 

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It has been an astonishing path that began with our first rehearsal as a group of 25 women on October 1st, 1979 and has so far traveled through three and a half decades.  Libana is now comprised of four founding members (Lisa Bosley, Cheryl Weber, Linda Ugelow, and Susan Robbins--Libana's founder and artistic director). Marytha Oaffrath who joined just two years later in 1981, and our "newest", Allison Coleman, who has perforned with Libana for 30 years.  We six women of Libana share a profound dedication to our artistic mission. In many ways, the intentionality of Libana's own longterm creative community mirrors the experience of communities of women everywhere on Earth who share music, dance, celebration, life-cycle ritual, food, laughter, and spiritual practice to create deep moments of unity and transcnedence in their collective life. 

Libana’s nine recordings and three songbooks have inspired the formation and the repertoires of song-circles and choruses of all ages around the globe, and their music and performances have kindled a sense of joy, strength, healing and empowerment in several generations of listeners.                                                                              

From Maine to California, Wyoming to Florida, Ontario to Nova Scotia, Bulgaria to India, and Greece to Morocco—Libana has traversed the globe for 35 years celebrating the creativity and spirit of the world’s women. Onwards to our next 35 years!  


Through the Darkness! Libana's new CD!

Through the Darkness

Songs for the Winter Solstice and beyond . . . 

A reflective musical journey embracing the wisdom found in the long dark nights of winter and invoking the assurance of the light's return

Guest artist: Margot Chamberlain, Celtic harp

Cover art: Woodcut by Jeanne Amato

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35th Anniversary Media & Photos!

Handed Down Remastered!

Instrument of Peace

Morocco 2013!