Out Of This World


Hailed as "Troubadours of Peace," Libana sweeps listeners into a compelling global journey. From cultures as divergent as Nepal, Hawaii, Egypt West Africa, Bulgaria and beyond, they feature stunning vocal expertise, and dazzling array of instruments.

"The heart is a thousand-stringed instrument that can only be tuned with Love." -- Hafez

For a quarter of a century, Libana has given voice to the universality of human experience as felt and expressed through the diverse musical traditions, creative vision, hearts and souls of the world's women. Our songs are in many languages, sung in many different colors of voice, accompanied by the varied sounds of the world's instruments. We sing of love, family, homelands, cultural pride, the painful suffering that comes with war, the cruel harshness of poverty, ancient rituals and rites of passage, the cycles of the natural world, the beauty of the earth, spirit in its many forms, prayer and hope, joy and celebration, the search for truth, the desire for peace and understanding, the vision of a better life and a better world for the generations to come.

When we began our explorations in 1979, we had no idea that our journey together would become such an essential aspect of the work of each of our individually complex lives. Now, at this juncture of celebrating thirty years as a creative community, we are awed and humbled by the sense of destiny inherent in the depth of our connection, and the transformative effect this profound life experience has had on each of us. We have in fact become what we have been singing about -- one of the millions of communities of women, found in every village, town, and city around the world, who live their lives in close contact, create together, and accompany each other through all the cycles, transitions, emotional challenges, spiritual quests, and universal experiences that life presents.

During the past thirty years of touring coast to coast, across Canada, and abroad, we have had amazing adventures and exceptional performance experiences. We have offered our music at universities, in coffeehouses and folk clubs, in large concert halls, at symposiums and conferences, in the General Assembly room of the United Nations, and on festival stages from Chico, California, to Varna, Bulgaria. But performing in small intimate spaces with acoustics that envelop us in sonic clarity, encourage our ears, hearts, and spirits to expand, and invite us into the realms of transcendent inspiration remains near and dear to each one of us.

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