Takes the listener criss-crossing among cultures, as this versatile group deftly traverses borders, continents and hemispheres with a dazzling repertoire of contemporary and traditional World Folk music.

Libana, New England's international touring world music ensemble, formed in 1979 by Artistic Director, Susan Robbins, has been researching, performing, and celebrating songs, dances and instrumental music from around the world, especially as handed down through women's traditions.

In addition to ther deft renderings of World folk music, Libana has garnered renown throughout the New Age and spiritual audiences for their contemplative offerings of rounds and chants.

Performing Members of Libana recorded on Borderland:

Lisa Bosley, Allison Coleman, Charlotte Miller, Marytha Paffrath, Susan Robbins, Venita Robertson, Linda Ugelow and Cheryl Weber.

About Borderland:

"Geographic borders have always fascinated me - these seemingly arbitrary lines drawn, among other reasons, to contain a political ideology or a cultural and/or religious identity. Differently-sized parcels of land that define yet divide, unite yet limit...Is the creation of borders more an exclusionary intention or an attempt to structure what would otherwise surely be chaos?

As musicians dedicated to exploring World folk music which springs from the essence of women's experience, we are continually moved by the unique voice of each culture. Clearly, however, a blending and sharing of musical influences often takes place when diverse peoples live in close proximity. Conversely, an ethnic community's language and musical style can also maintain its original integrity even within the borders of another country; we find ourselves in performance introducing songs of the Finns who live in Karelia, the Slavs who live in Hungary, or the Hungarians who live in Romania. Yet transcending all borders, boundaries and definitions is the soul and spirit of people worldwide who, with a full and colorful palette, dance and drum and sing the commonality of life's experience." Susan Robbins, Artistic Director of Libana, September 1993

What the reviewers say about Borderland:

"...a marvelous tapestry of instruments and voices."
The Washington Post

" absolute must for any fan of global music."
Sing Out! Magazine

"...a bountiful feast of old-world soul music..." Vanguard Press

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