GAIA NOW ~ Libana's new single!

Written by Susan Robbins, Libana's Artistic Director

Giving voice to the intertwining web of life and elemental connection we all share with our Mother Earth, Gaia Now asks us, in this time of climate change, to commit our hearts to protecting our planetary home. This newly composed piece is a powerful musical collaboration of 12 singers, with Susan Robbins on piano and guest instrumentalist Carlough Faulkner-Carroll on violin and viola.

GAIA NOW will soon be available at, as well as itunes, amazon, spotify, youtube, and most international music sites!

COVER ART: Under The Sun, Leslie B. Grigsby (Delaware)

9" sculpture: Glass seed beads and thread, worked in peyote stitch over wooden core




"World Class! . . . a globe-circling sound . . . The music brings universal understanding across borders." -- The Boston Globe (MA) 

Internationally renowned world music & dance ensemble Libana illuminates the creativity, vision and spirit of women worldwide. Riveting, transformational and soul stirring, Libana takes audiences on a musical journey reflecting the universal human experience uniting us all.

From ancient traditions to contemporary creations, from the political to the spiritual, Libana’s global repertoire covers a vast musical spectrum expressed with stunning close a cappella vocals and an impressive palette of instruments including oud, charango, saz, guitar, hammered dulcimer, panpipes, accordion, dumbek, djembe, frame drum, dholak, tapan, clarinet and double bass.

Interweaving music, dance and story from divergent cultures of the Balkans, Africa, the Middle East, Asia, South America and Europe, Libana’s artistry inspires audiences with wonder at the beauty, breadth and wisdom of our world’s cultural diversity and common humanity.

"Seven women from New England, all with an expansive view of world music, come to town with a collection of acoustic instruments that you may need a dictionary to keep track of . . . If Mars had a musical tradition, they’d probably be on top of that as well." -- Santa Cruz Sentinel (CA)