“Whether moved to tears by their beautiful soaring harmonies, or lifted out of your chair by their pounding rhythms and dance, you will leave Libana’s performance feeling uplifted!” -- Chocolate Church, Performing Arts Center (ME) 

"While Libana is making music you feel as if the world is at peace. Thank you to these women who bring us such moments of contentment and connection to beauty and life."   -- Mary Lynn, Puget Sound Revels (WA) 

"Over the years, we have received many delegations and groups from all over the world, but none can match your talent, enthusiasm and warmth.  I for one was transformed into ecstasy seeing your wonderful performance.”   -- Lalita Krishnaswami, Self Employed Women’s Association (Gujarat, India) 

“If this often tattered world could be mended with music, Libana would be leading the global harmony...From dumbeks to dulcimers, Libana embraces instruments and vocals from around the world, and in doing so, becomes a world instrument of peace.”  -- The Robbie Collomore Concert Series (CT) 

“The performance was brilliant.” -- Music in Corrales Performance Series (NM) 

"I rank Libana as one of the top musical groups performing today."   -- Thomas Wolf, Bay Chamber Series (ME) 

“Some performances are breathtaking…Libana’s performance was breathGIVING…” -- Fabian Lochner, Sunbridge College Concert Series (NJ) 

“Thank you for such an inspiring and enriching set of performances you gave at Bridgewater State College. The songs and dance associated with the exhibit, ‘Through the Eyes of Nigerian Artists: Confronting Female Genital Mutilation’ were wonderfully appropriate, linking artistic traditions and cross-cultural concerns with dignity, women’s agency and rights in the face of terrible suffering. The larger performance was powerful, educational, and beautiful, showcasing so many cultures, through instruments, costume and your gorgeous singing. The evening remains with us, and you played such an important part in it.” -- Diana Fox, PhD., Coordinator, Women’s and Gender Studies Program, Associate Professor of Anthropology, Bridgewater State College (MA) 

"Libana was a delight! Their passion for the music they shared was contagious, and we felt transported to the countries whose music they were playing with great authenticity. The variety and quality of music, as well as the energy in the room, made for a very special evening." -- Vicky Gordon, UU Binghamton, NY 

“Libana’s recent performance at my children’s school, the Belmont Day School was, quite simply, exquisite. As a member of the arts enrichment committee who participated in the decision to bring Libana, I was thrilled to attend their assembly and watch the reaction of students and faculty. It was a complete multicultural program in every way, featuring songs and dances from all over the world highlighting everyday topics, as well as hope and spirituality. All of Libana’s women are so adept at their art, not only in that their playing and singing is outstanding, showcasing gorgeous harmonies and instrumental work, but also in that their articulate explanations of the song's origins painted a picture that truly brought to life the cultural context of each song, inviting us to visit the country whose music was being showcased." -- Rosi Amador, Sol Y Canto, Music Amador, and Belmont Day School Enrichment Committee Member (MA)