Press quotes

"...the audience kept asking for more, shouting bravo and rising to their feet..."  -- le Journal de Quebec 

"World Class! ...a globe-circling sound... The music brings universal understanding across borders." -- The Boston Globe (MA) 

"There's something otherworldly about the beautiful, ethereal singing of Libana..." -- Minneapolis Star Tribune (MN) 

"Anyone who enjoyed the recent `Le Mystere des Voix Bulgares' recordings should enjoy Libana, for not only does the group achieve the same haunting vocal harmonies, it also provides far more variety." -- The Washington Post (DC) 

"But the musical heart and soul of the show (Christmas Revels) is the six-woman ensemble Libana, Boston-based world music specialists whose close, penetrating harmonies and intricate rhythms were riveting." -- The Boston Globe (MA) 

"For starters there is Libana, the women’s world music chorus. To have a sextet of strong, culturally knowledgeable voices at the center of this show (Christmas Revels) is such a boon. Libana has been around for 28 years, and its haunting, powerful voices can’t help but lead the community chorus in attitude and Balkan panache." -- The Boston Herald (MA) 

"Their voices blend like the threads of a tapestry, creating pictures, blending colors, suggesting depth and sadness, expressing images of light and joy. This is Libana."  -- The Fargo Forum (ND) 

"...diverse, colorful, a wonder to behold..." -- The Boston Globe (MA) 

"Libana has collected accolades from far and wide. They have been called 'magical,' '...diverse, colorful, a wonder to behold...' and 'one of the top musical groups performing today.' Perhaps a critic from the Cape Cod Times said it best, though, when he wrote that 'their music makes you high. It swells the spirit as they swing into harmonies never encountered in American music.' " -- The Southampton Press (NY) 

"...fabulous and fascinating music…complex and compelling singing…one enthralling song after another…The diversity and depth of expression of Libana’s performance cannot be overstated, it was amazing..." -- The Littleton Independent (MA) 

"...a magical experience..." - Arts Boston (MA) 

"Their multi-layered harmonies and their proficiency on indigenous instruments create a many-faceted, entrancing sound few world-music groups can aspire to."  -- The Boston Phoenix (MA) 

"Ensemble performs with verve...a joyous group."  -- The Cleveland Plain Dealer (OH) 

"Their music makes you high. It swells the spirit as they swing into harmonies never encountered in American music." --Cape Cod Times (MA) 

"In concert... the group presents a joyously colorful image both visually and musically. Their concerts create a sense of peace, hope and joy -- that through understanding comes acceptance. Like the hand-painted scarves they wear, their music produces a colorful blend of images, patterns and rhythms simultaneously vibrating with individuality and resplendent in repetition." --Pleiades Arts North Magazine (MA)

"Seven women from New England, all with an expansive view of world music, come to town with a collection of acoustic instruments that you may need a dictionary to keep track of...If Mars had a musical tradition, they’d probably be on top of that as well." -- Santa Cruz Sentinel (CA)