Vocals, bendir, charango, claves, clarinet, darabuka, djembe, kompang, kontra, riqq, zils


 A founding member of Libana, Lisa has been singing all her life with sisters, friends, in choirs and in madrigal groups.  And she has a particular fondness for exploring and learning  new folk instruments.  During the day she works in college mental health as a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner.


Vocals, bendir, cabasa, charango, dholak, djun djun, kompang, mazhar, riqq, zils, dancer

Performing with Libana since 1990, Allison grew up singing in numerous choruses, including the Yale Slavic Chorus, which she also conducted.  In her day job, she serves as CEO of two nonprofit organizations that provide technical assistance and capital financing for community health centers nationally.


Vocals, bells, bendir, bombo, dholak, djembe, dumbek, frame drums, kompang, naqqara, pakawaj, panpipes, recorders, riqq, shekere, tapan/tabl, dancer 

SUSAN ROBBINS (Founder and Artistic Director)

Vocals, accordion, bendir, chonguri, djun djun, guitar, hammered dulcimer, ipu, kompang, oud, piano, psaltery, saz, shekere, tambura, zils 

From learning chords on her living room spinet Hammond Organ at age six, her musical path progressed through teaching herself guitar, singing in folk groups with her galpals in high school, joining every school and church choir available, graduating from University of Massachusetts in Amherst with a Voice and Music Education degree, leaving classical music mostly behind for the world of early music, performing medieval and renaissance music up and down the East Coast, picking up an oud at age 24 after hearing it accompanying some 13th century Spanish cantigas, becoming fascinated with traditional music from around the world, evolving as a feminist through the 70's, and to this day wondering what in the world women in other cultures were creating and singing. She founded Libana in 1979. 


Vocals, bell, bendir, darabuka, double bass, kompang, panpipes, riqq, shekere, dancer 

Having grown up with daily dance classes, Linda became interested in pursuing music relatively late in life, while deprived of access to recorded music during her off- the- grid travels in the 70’s. Attending an inspiring concert by Susan Robbins and friends during that time sealed her fate and she joined Libana in 1980. As Libana’s principal dancer and  choreographer, she traverses cultural dance traditions with joy and expertise.  During the day, she manages an organic farm and orchard.


Vocals, bells, bendir, chaichas, kompang, riqq, shekere, woodblock, zils

A founding mother, Cheryl Weber’s professional and personal life has been defined by Libana for nearly 40 years. Her professional life as an arts administrator (including as a senior administrator at New England Conservatory and Director of Development at World Music/Crash Arts), has been focused on music and supporting artists. Libana has been a family affair for Cheryl with husband Alan Mattes recording many of Libana’s CDs and sons Aaron and Jared growing up with the odd meters and close harmonies of Libana’s music. Through international travel with Libana and visiting alluring places on her own, Cheryl has experienced many of the cultures Libana sings about and is committed to promoting global understanding and peace through the arts.





Through the Darkness! Libana's new CD!

Through the Darkness

Songs for the Winter Solstice and beyond . . . 

A reflective musical journey embracing the wisdom found in the long dark nights of winter and invoking the assurance of the light's return

Guest artist: Margot Chamberlain, Celtic harp

Cover art: Woodcut by Jeanne Amato

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35th Anniversary Media & Photos!

Handed Down Remastered!

Instrument of Peace

Morocco 2013!