Libana takes audiences on a global journey through the music and dance of many cultures. Using an array of authentic instruments, audience participation, and dynamic introductions that offer a glimpse into each song’s cultural context and meaning, Libana offers students of any age a diverse, engaging experience that illuminates the creativity, vision, and spirit of the world’s women. 

There are many options for a customized experience for your school: 

* Assembly concert/s for the school with Libana

* Coaching of existing choruses or vocal ensembles by the entire group (or by Susan Robbins & Marytha Paffrath)

* Multicultural Music Workshops for choruses or classrooms (with Susan Robbins & Marytha Paffrath)

* African drumming workshops with Marytha Paffrath

* A several day Artists-in Residence program with Susan Robbins & Marytha Paffrath (often culminating with a concert by the larger ensemble)

* Public Concert for the students, the larger school community and friends



    American Embassy School                       New Delhi, India

    Tibetan Children's Village                      Dharamsala, India

    C.N. Vidalaya School                                      Gujarat, India

    Hathaway Brown School                     Shaker Heights, OH

    Prairie School                                                      Racine, WI

    Applewild School                                          Fitchburg, MA    

    Belmont Country Day School                         Belmont, MA

    Spence School                                                New York, NY

    Trevor Day School                                         New York, NY

    Pioneer Valley School                                  Northfield, MA

    Northfield Mt. Hermon School                Mt. Hermon, MA

    Rand Family Magnet School                          Montclair, NJ

    Vermont Wilderness School                       Brattleboro, VT

    La Guardia College Residency                          Queens, NY

       (Sponsoring performances for several local schools) 

    Wilkesboro School System                         Wilkesboro, NC

    Coatesville School System                           Coatesville, PA