Dear friends and supporters, 

It has been over a year since any of us have been able to gather together in person with our beloved singing communities to raise our voices and spirits in song. Throughout this pandemic time, not being able to safely make music together has left a profound absence of the uplifting powerful magic that singing in community creates. Needless to say, I have missed my own vibrational, harmony-and-spirit-filled musical experiences more than words can express. 

Due to the risks Covid presents, Libana has not sung together for quite some time. Since we cannot currently sing, record, or perform, we pondered what we might focus on in the interim until we can once again offer our voice to the world. Out of this expanse of introspection and reflection, a long-held idea resurfaced. . . and the opportunity to potentially manifest it has subsequently blossomed, generating enormous excitement among us! 

Libana has been in mutually enthusiastic conversation with the archivists at the venerable Schlesinger Library at the Radcliffe Institute of Harvard University regarding the addition of our sizable archives to their renowned collection of Women in the History of America. 

Needless to say, we are thrilled at this prospect. There are more (zoom!) meetings to be had, questions to be  answered,  processes to be figured out, and formal agreements to be drawn up. We are delightedly hopeful that in the near future Libana will be welcomed into the esteemed company of Susan B. Anthony, Betty Friedan, Angela Davis, Holly Near, Adrienne Rich, Shirley Graham Du Bois, Amelia Earhart, Julia Child, Helen Keller, Judy Chicago (whose exhibit The Dinner Party directly inspired Libana's name) and numerous other women and organizations whose  invaluable  ground breaking work is archived right here in Cambridge, Massachusetts. 

Your generous tax-deductible donation will keep our small, yet mighty, nonprofit afloat – as well as enable our organizational staff to launch the meticulous, ongoing process of organizing 40 years of Libana's documents, travel and performance videos, research and concert recordings, and photographs in preparation for archiving. 

I know I speak for all the women in Libana, past and present, when I say how deeply honored we are to be recognized, and welcomed, by such a dedicated and prestigious institution for our unique cultural contribution and interweave of music, dance, story, feminism, global outreach, teaching, and women’s spirituality –made coherent by a deep commitment to the decades-long, intentional creative community of our ensemble. All of these elements comprise Libana's unique identity, and converge to create the essence of our signature sound that continues to influence, move, inspire and heal generations of women worldwide. It is gratifying to witness the promising movement toward our body of artistic work, and our group's history, being made available to anyone in the present or future who may choose to immerse themselves in an understanding of the scope of women's creativity, voice, culture, activism, and dedication to the social changes of our time. 

“There’s a river of birds in migration, a nation of women with wings.” 

We certainly look forward to the day when live music will once again be the joyous, sustaining and enlivening activity it has always been in communities everywhere—for musicians and listeners alike. Until that day, we feel positive and hopeful that the exciting possibility of our archives being housed at the Schlesinger Library will indeed come to pass. What a perfect use of this “fallow” time of societal and musical pause! 

We invite your generous first-time or continued support of our musical mission as we use this time period to organize the narrative of Libana’s first 40 years! Please click on the donate button at the top of the page, or mail a check along with the donation return card that you can download at the bottom of this page. Thank you!

We wish you all health, uplift, love, true justice, and hope – and a new beginning soon to come! 

Warmly, for all the women of Libana past and present, 

Susan Robbins, Founder and Artistic Director 


P.S. As we reflect on our musical journey of the past 40 years, we invite you to join us by sharing your experience of ways that Libana's music has inspired or affected you, or been an integral part of your path, spirit or community. Please send us an email, note or card, and feel free to be as detailed or depthful as you are moved to be. For some ideas to ponder, please download the "Please write to us!" sheet at the bottom of this page. We can't wait to hear from you! 

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