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After singing music from the Balkans ever since our very first rehearsal, LIBANA first traveled to Bulgaria in the summer of 1996 (shortly after the fall of Communism) to perform at the Varna International Folklife Festival and begin to get to know this extraordinary country, its land and its culture.  We returned in August of 2008, again with our good friend and Balkan vocal coach Tatiana Sarbinska (a vocal legend in her home country!) to perform at the Bourgas International Folklife Festival. During both tours, we were greeted by an extraordinary outpouring of warm hospitality, unforgettable experiences in rural villages, communal sharing of traditional music, dance, food and culture with Babi's (grandmothers who carry the traditions), and a deep connection with the ancient earth that has held such history. Our gratitude to Tatiana is immense. Blagodaria!