"Your music is such an important gift to people the world over.”  –- L.G. (post concert for a Delegation of Israeli Women, MA) 

“I can hardly express to you my profound admiration of your work with Libana. I regard it as a hugely noble and adventurous enterprise. Libana is among the finest things left afloat in the world, and may it ever thrive amid all the mess we live in!” -- A.K. (Former Choral Director at Hampshire College, MA) 

“I can't imagine a world without Libana.”                                                            -- I.M. (Co-developer of Guitar Hero) 

“You guys gave me goosebumps, right from the start!”                                          –- C.D. (Cape Breton, Nova Scotia) 

"I want to thank you so much for your amazing presence at the AOSA National Conference in Milwaukee last week. You are truly amazing women. Congratulations on being AOSA's newest advocates! After the Philadelphia and Rochester conferences where I was so moved to see others filled with your light, it was a deepest joy to be able to be in your sessions last week and be a part of the magic you weave." –- K.M. (WI) 

"I've been into international folk music for some time now. Upon listening to your Bulgarian tune, it sounds as if you were Bulgarians! Have you been there? The same goes for the Hungarian czardas, Armenian song and Lebanese "belly dance" music. Each number sounds like its being performed by a different group of voices! It sounds that way because of the authentic portrayal of each nation. Magnificently done...thanks." -- J.V. (NY) 

“Your music reached beyond time and generations. It was so much more than an auditory and visual delight. It was deeply spiritual. ” –- S.T. (WA) 

“Your music enlarges the soul.” -– L.W. (MA) 

“What a gift you have to offer on behalf of women around the globe—we’re so lucky to have you come to our community.”  -– J.C. (WA) 

“In a time when there is so much painful discord, Libana joyfully shares love around the world.” --S. D'A. (WA) 

“Skin-rippling beauty.” -– K.R. (CA) 

“You're like none other—beyond beautiful! WAY beyond." -– J.S. (MA) 

“If I were Empress for a day, I would elicit a dictum that everyday upon waking one must tune-in to Deep Peace (from Night Passage) rather to their alarm clock.” -- N. Di G. (MA) 

“Your group’s music has been a source of joy and strength for years. . . thank you for years of inspiration. At our nearby Waldorf school, in people’s houses and cars, in singing groups, your work is being spread out in ways you will never know.”  -- L.G. (TX) 

“I was so moved and inspired by your passion, spirit, and amazing musical gifts—I am on a high that will last for days!”  –- E.M. (MA) 

"Thank you for an inspiring joyful day. I have listened to and sung some of Libana's music but never experienced you all live. It was a truly a feeling of renewal, and deep peace. You are all such twinkling beings....your love and commitment to the musical experience is both as group and individually so powerful. Many thanks for caring for this work and helping us to know it all the better." -- C.S. (NY)