From the recording Borderland (1993)

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Medley of Slav Wedding Songs (traditional Slav)

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Medley of Slav Wedding Songs (traditional, from the Slav people living in Southern Hungary)

1) "The Maro girl picked red flowers and blue ones and spread them on her mother's lap, but her mother strew them to the ground."

2) "The mother prepares her daughter for her wedding. 'Farewell daughter, you are no longer your mother's.'"

3) The bridesman leads the young woman by the hand, but she shows reluctance. "Don't lead me! let me stay in my parental home!"

4) "Dear girlfriend, come out into this white yard and look up into the clear sky. See how the bright star dances around the moon. This is how you will dance around your new husband, oh girlfriend."

5) "They've come, they've arrived, in good health and cheer. If we don't get any presents, we'll get angry!"