From the recording Borderland (1993)

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Andean Medley (traditional Argentinian)

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Andean Medley (traditional, Argentina)

1) Pobre Mi Negra (Vidala de Santiago)
"A woman is walking, her heart full of pain. Something bad has happened to her; the others sing 'Let her cry, I know how to comfort her . . . '"

2) Ay, Porque Dios (Vidalita Andina de Catamarca)
"Why did God give me so much love to love you with? For the truth is you deceive me. Now in order to forget you, only death will do."

3) Cautivando Corazones (Baguala de Salta)
"Throughout the countryside, the carnival is coming, making stones cry and capturing hearts. It's jumping inside me; loving you was easy, it's leaving you that hurt . . . "