From the recording Handed Down (1985)

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Dragana sedi v gradina (traditional Bulgarian, arr. Koutev)

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Dragana sedi v gradina (Elin Pelin, Bulgaria; arr. Koutev)

Dragana, a young woman, sits in a garden under a white rose bush, embroidering and singing a song. Above her a nightingale speaks: "Let's see who can outsing the other. If you outsing me, you can cut off my wings. If I outsing you, I will cut off your hair."

Dragana skillfully outsings the nightingale. The nightingale pleads, "Cut off my feet, not my wings! I have a nest of eggs to hatch."

"Little nightingale, little bird. I don't want to cut off anything. It is enough for me that I outsang a nightingale."